Operation Chromebook Tablet 2021/2022

July - August - September 2021

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Antonia Kreamier
Operation Chromebook Tablet 2021/2022

Update 11/9/2021:

We have exceeded our goal of raising $5000 for Operation Chromebook Tablet and have raised $5300!

Thank you to all the alumni members for your support in our effort to assist the students of Parkrose Middle School for their 2021/2022 school year.

The Parkrose Middle School community was one of the hardest hit during the COVID pandemic.  They have a severe lack of resources to provide their students with Chromebooks tablets needed for class work. Families were given one Chromebook per household when the tablets were available, and the need outpaced the supply.  Families with more than one child are having to share the Chromebook, taking turns studying to do so.

Your donations will provide the much needed support to the students that need the tablets the most.

The funds will be donated directly to Parkrose Middle School for purchase of the Chromebook tablets.

Thank you again to the alumni association, you all came through and are making a positive difference and helping the students of Parkrose Middle School.

On behalf of the FBICAAA - Back by popular demand.  The FBICAAA and FBI are joining forces and gearing up, once again, for Operation Tablet 2021/2020.  After careful consideration and thoughtful conversation with the Superintendent of the Parkrose School District, for the second year in a row, we have decided Parkrose Middle School will be the recipient of the Chromebook Tablets.  

Three years ago, being our first year of establishing this event and not really knowing what to expect, we underestimated the number of children in need of assistance.  It was mind blowing to see a line what looked to be every bit a half mile long, and to learn that these families lined up hours before expected delivery and set up.  Hundreds of people/families came out hoping to obtain one of the backpacks even when we had specified the limited amount we had to give away.  It was hard to walk away not able to fulfill the need in its entirety.  We know we will not be able to serve all in need or who desire one of these backpacks, however we can up our game a little.  

Due to the COVID Pandemic, our focus has shifted to raising money to purchase Chromebook Tablets for students to ensure they do not miss out on the opportunity to stay fluid with their learning. 

To ensure the safety of all participants, the following will be somewhat modified, we will make this a fun and positive experience with law enforcement for the children and families.  We will bring in members of our specialty teams (Swat, Bomb Techs, and ERT Members), The famous Dove Lewis Pooches, members of the FBICAAA, Agents, Executive Staff and more.   The date of delivery will be determined and released later! 

Our new goal is to raise at least 5k to purchase Chromebook Tablets that will assist our future leaders in starting the school year off on the right foot and enable them to stay engaged.  We only have a few months to make this happen.  Enlist your companies, your friends, or your family members to join this effort.  We can do it!  

To support this effort, checks can be mailed to:

  • Claude Laviano
  • FBI Portland CAAA
  • P.O. Box 80033
  • Portland, OR 97280


Donate Online

Tax deduction forms will be provided by the FBI Portland CAAA to those who donate.

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