Operation Backpack 2020


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Antonia Kreamier
Operation Backpack 2020

On behalf of the FBICAAA - Back by popular demand.  The FBICAAA and FBI are joining forces and gearing up, once again, for Operation Backpack Drive 2020!  After careful consideration and thoughtful conversation with the Superintendent of the Parkrose School District, we have decided Parkrose Middle School will be the recipient of our backpacks.   

Two years ago, being our first year of establishing this event and not really knowing what to expect, we under estimated the number of children in need of assistance.  It was mind blowing to see a line what looked to be every bit a half mile long, and to learn that these families lined up hours before expected delivery and set up.  Hundreds of people/families came out hoping to obtain one of the backpacks even when we had specified the limited amount we had to give away.  It was hard to walk away not able to fulfill the need in its entirety.  We know we will not be able to serve all in need or who desire one of these backpacks, however we can up our game a little.   

I will email and post the list of items needed for each backpack on the FBICAAA Website, collect and store the supplies here at my office.  Come late summer, I would love one or two volunteers to help build the backpacks that are not complete with the surplus of supplies received.  Although getting a completely stocked backpack with the items on the school supply list would be great, you are absolutely welcomed to supply what it is you can supply.  Someone brought a pallet of tissue boxes, another supplied several backpacks (without supplies), someone brought tubes of glue, etc…… however, whatever, it is all welcomed.  150-200 backpacks is the goal!   

The logistics regarding date of delivery will be determined and released at a later time but truly the best part of this operation is that day of delivery.  We work to make this a fun and positive experience with law enforcement for the children and families.  We will bring in members of our specialty teams (Swat, Bomb Techs, and ERT Members), The famous Dove Lewis Pooches, members of the FBICAAA, Agents, Executive Staff and more.   

Again, our goal for Operation Backpack Drive 2020 will be to fill 150-200 backpacks with the school supplies needed to start a school year off on the right foot.  We have about six or seven months to make this happen.  Enlist your companies, your friends, or your family members to join this effort.  Any monetary donations can be made through the FBICAAA website – Please indicate the money is for Operation Backpack Drive 2020.  We can do it!   

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Below is the list of school supplies utilized by Parkrose School Districted.  The middle school hosts 6th, 7th, 8th graders. You will notice some of the items below are designated for only 7th or 8th , or both 7th and 8th graders.  If you choose to purchase for a complete backpack, please indicate which age you purchased for, this will help with inventory on our end.

Qty Item
1 Set of earbuds-technology use
1 3-inch ring binder (not zippered)
1 Subject dividers (set of 8)
2-3 pkgs Notebook filler paper, (year supply)
1 Zipper pencil pouch
24  #2 Pencils or mechanical pencils (year supply)
1 Scissors
1 Ruler(std./metric)
4 Glue sticks
1 Pencil sharpener
1 Colored Pencils (set)
1 ea. Highlighters - 4 different colors
7 One subject spiral notebooks
3 Rolls of transparent tape
1 Paper towels (roll)
2 Reams of copy paper
3 Tissue boxes - homeroom
1 Calculator (TI-30XII) - 7&8 only
1 Graph paper notebook (spiral or composition) - 7 & 8 only
1 Composition book-college ruled - 8th only
1 100 page spiral notebook - 8th only