Real ID Update

Real ID Update

Be Prepared

The Department of Homeland Security extended the Real ID enforcement date to May 7, 2025. Beginning then, everyone over the age of 18 will need to have their Real ID or another TSA-acceptable form of Identification to travel through airport security checkpoints. In the meantime, a regular state-issued ID will get you through the traveling checkpoints. Also, when the DHS does begin to enforce the use of the Real ID, a regular passport book or passport card will work just as well as the Oregon Real ID.

For the full story on the above and more information please visit Oregon Department of Transportation - Oregon Real ID FAQs

How does this impact YOU as an FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Member?

You will need a Real ID card or other federally approved form of ID to enter secure federal facilities (the FBI Building being one of those) or board a commercial flight in the U.S. on May 2025.

Things that will be impacted: Any function the FBICAAA hosts inside the Portland FBI building, you will need to have either the Real ID or Passport to attend, there will be no exceptions.  Upcoming Citizens Academy Nominee’s will need to be aware of this requirement, and in addition to the air travel that takes place, many of the facilities we tour on the FBICAAA Annual trip to Washington D.C. will require the Real Id or Passport; Pentagon, CIA, FBI HQ, Quantico, Bureau of Prisons, and the National Terrorism Center to name a few. 

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