General Meeting featuring ASAC Eliza Odom

June 17, 2021 (Thursday), 6:00 pm

General Meeting featuring ASAC Eliza Odom

Special Presentation: ASAC Eliza Odom is providing a special presentation on a recently adjudicated technology transfer case that speaks to the importance of Law Enforcements outreach with businesses

Where: Virtual (in person TBD)

About ASAC Odom:

In August 2020, Eliza M. Odom was selected as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) overseeing the Intelligence Program and multiple administrative programs in the Portland Field Office.  Ms. Odom was most recently the Chief of the Compliance and Mitigation Unit in Inspection Division at FBI Headquarters.

Ms. Odom entered on duty as a Special Agent in 2004 and was assigned to the New York Field Office where she initially worked on applicant and special background investigations and served on the joint terrorism task force, conducting surveillance operations.

In July 2005, Ms. Odom was assigned to a counterintelligence squad in the New York Field Office where she worked until May 2011 when she transferred to the Hudson Valley Resident Agency of the New York Field Office where she continued to work counterintelligence investigations.  During her tenure in New York, Ms. Odom served as an arrest team leader during Operation Ghost Stories, a landmark counterintelligence investigation dismantling a network of Russian spies operating in the United States.

In December 2011, Ms. Odom was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent in the Eurasia Section of the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where she managed counterintelligence and counterproliferation investigations.

In 2013, Ms. Odom transferred to the Cincinnati Field Office to supervise a counterintelligence squad where she led outreach efforts to educate public and private sector partners concerning national security threats.

In 2016, Ms. Odom returned to FBI Headquarters to serve as a Congressional Liaison in the Bureau’s Office of Congressional Affairs.

In 2017, Ms. Odom was promoted to a Unit Chief position in the Counterproliferation Center at FBI Headquarters where she was responsible for leading a unit charged with protecting sensitive U.S. technology and proprietary information and managing investigations into their illicit acquisition by a foreign adversary.

In 2019, Ms. Odom transferred to Inspection Division at FBI Headquarters to lead a unit responsible for conducting internal risk-based audits.

Ms. Odom is the recipient of the FBI Director’s Award for Outstanding Counterintelligence Investigation and received a Department of Defense award for contributions to the same investigation.  Ms. Odom also earned five Office of the Director of National Intelligence awards, to include the National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal.

Before joining the FBI, Ms. Odom served on active duty as a U.S. Army officer and served as a supervisor for the Pillsbury Company and a production planner and business analyst for the Stryker Corporation.  Ms. Odom served a tour of duty in Iraq in 2003 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, earning a Bronze Star Medal.  Ms. Odom retired from the Army Reserve in 2018 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Ms. Odom has a Bachelor of Science degree in management from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from The Ohio State University.