Adopt a Family 2021


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Antonia Kreamier
Adopt a Family 2021

Each year, the FBI’s Portland Field Office and the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association join together to sponsor our annual Adopt-a-Family program. This year, we are partnering with NAYA – the Native American Youth and Family Center. For those in the main office, you will see the tags decorating the first floor lunchroom window as you walk in the employee entrance. If you are in an RA/off-site location, please let Antonia Kreamier or me know, and we can help you pick a tag and get you the info.

This year we are sponsoring 32 children and their families. Many of these kids are in foster care and all are in need of some goodness this holiday season. Our goal is to provide each person with a full set of new clothes as needed (tops, bottoms, shoes, undies, PJs, a coat, and shoes/boots.) We also strive to give each several “wishlist items” that they’ve shared with us, including items such as toys, books, games, or sports equipment. 

How it works

Each person’s full list is divided into two “mitten” tags. We try to split the clothes/toys evenly so givers have a selection of items to shop for. Givers are welcome to take one tag or both tags for each recipient. If one tag is too much, givers are welcome to go in together with friends to take a tag. Depending on the person and the needs, we expect each tag to cost about $100 (give or take), but how much you spend is really up to you. We do ask that if you take a tag, you buy at least one of everything listed on the tag. 

We also offer families food boxes and household supplies. Those items will be noted separately on the “red rectangle” tags at the bottom of the display.

Whichever tag(s) you take, please make sure to note it on the tracking forms on the clipboards that are located by the tags.

About NAYA

Thousands of Indigenous People live in the Portland-metro area, making it one of the highest urban populations of Native Americans in the U.S. NAYA is a family of numerous tribes and voices who are rooted in sustaining tradition and building cultural wealth. It provides culturally-specific programs and services to that guide people in the direction of personal success and balance through cultural empowerment. NAYA’s continuum of lifetime services create a wraparound, holistic healthy environment that is Youth Centered, Family Driven, Elder Guided. You can learn more about NAYA at

Dropping off gifts

You can bring items wrapped or not. (The Elves will make sure all gifts are wrapped before delivery.) If you pre-wrap please mark each item with a sticky note so that we know what you purchased off your list prior to delivery. We try to even out families when we can (so one sibling doesn’t receive a lot more than another) or fill in the unmet needs. (Cash donations help with this effort.) With older kids, you can write “from: Your name or FBI Family or leave blank”  … with younger kids, please consider leaving the “from: “ section blank so that the parents have the option of claiming the presents as coming from them or from Santa.

All items need to be to the office no later than Wednesday, December 15th. Employees can drop their presents in the designated area for their recipient(s) in room 4311 (across from the legal area). If you are in an RA/off-site, please plan to bring them with you or send them with someone from your work group coming to the All Employee Conference on 12/10.


Beth Anne Hughes and Antonia Kreamier

p.s. We have had two BIG wish items from two families. If you have a good quality/high functioning washer and dryer and/or desktop computer you can donate, please let us know. Thanks!

General Giving:

Any funds received will be utilized to fill in any gaps.