Adopt a Family 2019


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Antonia Kreamier
Adopt a Family 2019

Over the past 15 years or so, the FBICAAA has worked in conjunction with the Portland Division FBI supporting various organizations including those serving low-income/at-risk kids, sex trafficking survivors, homeless youth, Native American/reservation families, etc. throughout the year and especially during the holiday season.

ADOPT A FAMILY preparations have begun.

This year doesn't yet have a selected charity group.

In past years, our goal has been to provide each person with one new set of clothes (tops/bottoms, undies/socks, PJs, coat, shoes or boots) plus one or two wish list items. For the kids, this usually involves some kind of toy, books or the like. We ask that the wish list items stay $50 or under (no video game consoles/video games, high end electronics, expensive designer clothes/shoes, etc.) Depending on the population we are serving, we also can potentially bring food boxes, household supplies, etc.

The Portland Division is anxiously awaiting the list of folks we will be taking under our wing this holiday season.  Once we receive the list, we will create “Elf Tags”.   An “Elf Tag” will list a person/s and their wish list based off of a form we have drafted for them to complete and that will help us substantially with the gift selection process.  As soon as we have those tags become available, I will send out another email to this group in event you are interested in “Adopting A Family/Person” for this holiday season. 

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